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At MedicaOutlet.com, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most safe and secure way to buy cosmetic products online at wholesale prices. Offering competitive prices and exceptional customer service is something that we take very seriously. When you purchase from MedicaOutlet.com, you will receive the best customer service, the lowest prices, and original, authentic products. 

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Amongst our product line, you will find authentic botulinum toxins and cosmetic fillers such as Botox, Radiesse, Perlane, Restylane, as well as the entire line of Juvederm products. Our  supplies assist members of the medical community to stay fully equipped for any procedure at any given time. We only include authentic products from the manufacturers in our catalog, which ensures that our customers receive only original products.

For your convenience, we offer several different ways to order your supplies and inventory securely such as online from our catalog, through fax or by telephone. Our customer service works around the clock to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. 


Our great service speaks for itself. Let us prove our professionalism to you!

Dedicated Service to Ensure All Your Questions Are Answered


Here at Medica Outlet one of our main goals is to ensure that when a doctor chooses to buy Botox and other medical devices, fillers, injections, and orthopaedic products, they are well equipped to use the products safely and with confidence. We recognize that the field of cosmetic enhancement is ever-changing and expanding, and sometimes it is difficult to keep up to date with new product releases and their correct use. After all, physicians don’t just spend their time ordering cosmetic fillers such as Radiesse, Perlane, and the Juvederm line; they also have to take care of their patients!

At Medica Outlet we strive to make the process of purchasing medical products as expedient as possible while still making sure that the doctors have the information they need to run a successful practice. By consequence, we set up a live chat service where medical professionals can send us inquiries about any of the products we sell. Through this chat feature a physician can receive immediate feedback on matters including administration of products such as Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Juvederm, and more, possible side effects, best areas of use, and storing the products. In addition, we can provide a complete walk-through of the ordering process using live chat.

Buy Botox, Restylane, Radiesse, Perlane, and Juvederm online from the store that always accommodates your needs and concerns- shop at MedicaOutlet.com today!

Ordering Cosmetic Fillers Has Never Been Easier!

In the world of cosmetic enhancement there are as many methodologies as there are physicians. While many individuals realize this is the case when it comes to the injection of neurotoxins and dermal fillers, in reality the uniqueness of the physician expands into many other realms as well, including the actual ordering of cosmetic enhancement products. The dedicated staff at Medica Outlet has worked with thousands of physicians all over the United States and has realized that different practices have different methods of ordering Botox, Juvederm, Perlane, and the like. Hence, we offer several ordering options including catalog, fax, and phone ordering.

Catalog Ordering

This method of ordering is the most popular among our customers because of its expediency. To order from our catalog, a medical professional must simply go onto our website, select the products and quantity they desire, and add it to their cart. There is also the option of adding products to a wishlist for future purchase or adding it to a comparison list. Once you proceed to the checkout you will be asked to provide shipping and billing information as well as proof of medical licensing. After that, it will take approximately 12-48 hours to authenticate the credentials before the first order can be completed. After a doctor has made their first purchase, authentication of their credentials is no longer necessary and orders are processed quickly.

Fax Ordering

To place a fax order a physician must contact us to receive a fax order form. The form requests similar details to our online ordering system, including shipping, billing, and accreditation information. The fax should be sent to 1-800-736-2734. Upon receiving a medical professional’s request, it will take 12-48 hours to confirm credentials before a shipment can be made.

Telephone Ordering

Medical professionals who are interested in placing an order over the telephone can contact Medica Outlet at 1-888-552-7210. During the telephone call a physician will outline the products they desire while also having the opportunity to ask any remaining questions they have about the substance. After this our sales staff will ask for shipping, billing, and accreditation information before reviewing the order with the physician to ensure accuracy. Upon completing the order Medica Outlet reserves a period of 12-48 hours to review credentials before confirming the purchase.